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Monsters of The Deep – in Cornish Waters!

June 6, 2014

If you are coming to stay with us at The Rathgowry Guesthouse in Falmouth Cornwall, for your holiday and you love to see wildlife, then a ‘must do’ for your itinerary is a trip out on the ocean with the jovial Captain Keith on one of his AK Wildlife Cruises.

We often see his lovely boat zipping about the bay & Fal river estuary.  For those of you who know their boats, you’ll be interested to know that you will be taking your trip on a ‘Flybridge Aquabell Sports Cruiser’.  (My husband advises me that this is a very nice boat – being a boaty person himself).  It’s even got a loo and also a heated indoor area for those without their Musto coat!! 😉

Captain Keith

You’ll be in safe hands as Captain Keith has a long career on the sea – including time working with Dame Ellen MacArther working as her towboat captain during her record breaking round the world trip.

Captain Keith has very kindly given me permission to borrow some snippets of information off his excellent website for this little ‘blog’, but do go and have a look at his site as he has lots and lots of pictures and some totally awesome video footage of what they have seen in May 2014.  Here are some things that they have seen (images courtesy of google though!):

Interacting with a family group of harbour porpoise, Richard spotted in the distance the enormous characteristic roll of a minke whale surfacing! After catching breath from the excitement, we eventually got everyone on the boat to witness this truely magnificent 23ft animal which was very relaxed and we watched as it dived for its food leaving large fluke-prints, similar to foot prints on the water surface. All on board were left speechless and we left the animal happily feeding away”.

Overwhelmed with harbour porpoise! On almost all trips we have had the great pleasure of finding these beautiful little cetaceans, with several excursions finding over 25 animals! Notoriously shy creatures, when in groups they become more bold and we have witnessed fabulous behaviour: investigating our boat; roaring through the water chasing fish and even a work-up with a dozen gannets squawking and diving around a family group”.

Recently AK Wildlife Cruises have also seen and filmed the rare sight of Risso’s Dolphins feeding, right here in Falmouth Bay. 

Pictured here is a beautiful, leaping, playful Common Dolphin – this photo was taken on a recent trip out on Free Spirit by a clever lady called Jane Bowen.  Nice shot!  Timing!!!

Basking sharks are also a common site off the Cornish Coast.  AK wildlife cruises plan to run snorkeling trips so you can see them– although I’ve seen the Jaws movie too many times, so there’s no way I’d get in the water with this thing (even though I know it won’t eat me)!!!

As well as open ocean trips, Captain Keith can also take you on a guided tour of the Estuary – up the river Fal & Helford – and his eagle eyes will point out the likes of Peregrine falcons, Ospreys,Kingfishers, Red Breaksted Mergansers and all kinds of other wildlife.  See – it isn’t just about fish!

Talking of fish, you might be lucky and see the bizarre looking (well I think it is bizarre looking) and huge ocean Sunfish.

Or perhaps you’ll get a glimpse of a barrel jellyfish and who knows, maybe one of those “sea turtles” that Captain Jack Sparrow often spoke of!

We regularly find jellyfish on our trips in the summer and are fed on by ocean sunfish, but this time they were also joined by a leatherback turtle. These are the largest turtles in the world and visit Cornwall on the Gulf Stream”.

If you’ve already been out and about in Cornwall before, you may well have visited the lovely Gweek Seal Sanctuary.  SealsHowever, there can be nothing like seeing the seals in their natural habitat…say no more, Captain Keith to the rescue… and depending on the time of year, he might even be able to show you a cute little fluffy one too!


Top tip – it is best to try and book your cruise one week in advance to guarantee a place, as they get booked up pretty darn quick – so once you know the dates of your trip to see us at The Rathgowry Guesthouse, you can either call them and book or maybe we can help you book something – just let us know.  http://www.akwildlifecruises.co.uk   info@akwildlifecruises.co.uk  01326 753389.  Also – watch out for a special offer from The Rathgowry & AK Wildlife Cruises, when you book between November & March! (info coming soon)…

We hope you liked this post.  It was just to give you a flavor of what you can expect to see on the ocean & Estuary here in Falmouth and on the Cornish coast.  It really is fantastic!  Why not book yourselves a stay at The Rathgowry Guesthouse in Falmouth, and make it the base from which to explore.  You’re going to love Falmouth and Cornwall.  You can call us on 01326 313482 for the best prices or book online with us on our website www.rathgowry.co.uk.


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