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Fun Cornish Facts & Figures

May 14, 2014

Whenever we travel, we like to find out about the place we are visiting.  The following collection of trivia is less about Falmouth and more about Cornwall in general – but all fascinating stuff!  The great thing is that all the places mentioned are an easy drive away from The Rathgowry Guesthouse – the best Falmouth bed and breakfast (well, in our opinion – but check out our guest reviews also!)  So why not book and then go and have a look for yourselves. 

For all those walkers amongst us, Cornwall has the longest coastline in Great Britain; 697km of the total 18,185km British coast. The most ancient walk in Cornwall is the ‘Saints Way’ or ‘Forth an Syns’ in Cornish.

 90% of Cornish place names are of Celtic origin and derived from the Kernewek language.

 Cornwall is larger than more than 20 UN nations, and one of the oldest Duchies in Europe.

 Cornwall has about half a million people, 75,000 cows and as many as five million tourists a year.

 Between 1998 and 2008, Cornwall’s population increased by 9.5%, twice the UK county average.

Annually, Cornwall welcomes on average 4.5 million tourists, the same number that scale the Eiffel Tower each year.

 During the summer, the A30 carries around 30,000 cars a day – let’s hope you don’t get stuck in a jam!

"The Cornish Alps" - An hours drive from The Rathgowry guesthouse

“The Cornish Alps” – An hours drive from The Rathgowry guesthouse

China clay was discovered in Cornwall by William Cooksworthy. It is now Cornwall’s largest export (other than the pasty).  The first China Clay deposits found in Britain were discovered in 1746 at Tregonning Hill near Helston.  Local wholesale pharmacist, William Cookworthy, noticed that miners were using clay to repair furnaces; he had read a book by a Jesuit missionary about porcelain making in China; and the year before had been visited by clay exporters from Virginia hoping to work with him. He experimented with ‘moorstone’ until he had a formula suitable to porcelain manufacture, and in 1768 was granted a patent for it.

There are over 200 surf-related businesses in Cornwall. The UK surf industry is worth £200 million, £21 million of that is generated in Cornwall. Cornwall is home to the world’s first eco-surfboard.

Fisherman in Cornwall can catch over forty different types of fish, more varieties than anywhere else in Britain.

Eden’s largest biome is fifty meters high, big enough to house the Tower of London. The scaffolding structure used to build it went into the Guiness Book of Records as the largest ever freestanding scaffold structure in the world. The 46,000 poles would have stretched end to end for 230 miles (almost to London).

Artists have been coming to Cornwall for over two hundred years. They love the landscape and quality of light which is much brighter than other parts of Great Britain. The most painted scene in Cornwall is the view of St Micheal’s Mount.

Cornwall boasts the largest collection of plant species in the British Isles.

In the 1900′s Cornwall mined half of the world’s tin, it was the largest enterprise in Europe.

The tin miners of Cornwall once traded with the Phoenicians and at this time Cornwall was known as The Cassiterides or The Tin Islands

The Duke of Cornwall, Prince Charles, looks after 54,764 hectares of land across 22 counties in Great Britain, just 7,138 of them are in Cornwall.

Less than 20 minutes away from The Rathgowry

Less than 20 minutes away from The Rathgowry

The Goonhilly complex near Helston was the site of the first parabolic satellite antenna on earth.  That disc, installed in 1962 and dubbed Arthur, was built to monitor Telstar. It is now a Grade II listed structure. Arthur handled the first ever TV broadcast made via satellite. At one time the station was the largest of its kind on the planet with more than 60 such dishes.

Well, that’s enough of that for one day!  Why not book your holiday accommodation at The Rathgowry guesthouse, Falmouth, Cornwall and then take some trips to see these places.  You’ll have a great time!  Book online here or call us directly for best prices!  

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