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Our delicious breakfasts are all cooked to order using fresh local Cornish ingredients. 

Breakfast is served from 08:00-09:15 hrs in the dining room. If you need to leave before this time, please let us know the night before and we will arrange for an
earlier light breakfast in the dining room or a breakfast sandwich ‘to go’.

All of the breakfasts are accompanied by brown or white toast.   For coffee, tea,  juices, cereals,  fruit or yoghurt please help yourself from our buffet. Porridge is also available upon request.

For the main breakfast please choose from one of the following:


Full Cornish Breakfast:  Choose any of the following to suit your taste:   Bacon, egg (fried or scrambled), sausage, black pudding*,  baked beans, fried tomato, hash brown, mushrooms

Vegetarian Choice:  Vegetarian sausage, plus any of the above to make up your breakfast

Continental:  Selection of breads, pastries (croissant, danish, brioche & brown or white toast) & preserves. A hard boiled egg.  Additionally, from the buffet help yourself to cereals, natural and fruit yoghurts and fresh fruit.  A selection of teas, fresh filter coffee, hot chocolate & apple or orange juice from the
buffet. (V)

Omelette – Choose from mushroom, cheese or tomato

Scrambled eggs on toast

Beans on toast

Boiled eggs

Tomato slices – 2 tomatoes, sliced and fried in butter, sprinkled with fresh basil and served on toast. (V)

*Black Pudding is a type of large dark sausage made from pork fat and blood together with oatmeal and rusk and is similar to the German “Blutwurst” or the French “Boudin”.  It is also usually sliced and fried.


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