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Falmouth Harbour

The Rathgowry is superbly located for access to the centre of Falmouth.  A ten minute walk will take you to Falmouth Harbour, Events Square and the lovely high street which has a large selection of shops, galleries, restaurants, cafes, pubs & bars.  Make sure you explore the little side roads that lead down to the water, to ensure you get all the views of the bay and the huge selection of boats bobbing around the quayside.

Falmouth is famous for its harbour. Together with the Carrick Roads, it is reputed to be the third largest natural harbour in the world, and is the deepest in Western Europe. It is also famous for being the start or finish point of various round the world record breaking voyages, such as those of Sir William Robert Pat “Robin” Knox-Johnston and Dame Ellen Patricia MacArthur. Apparently Falmouth is a very popular name for a town; to date, 14 Falmouth’s have been found around the world. There is one in Cornwall, Jamaica, Antigua, Tasmania, Canada and in the United States, Falmouth can be found in Massachusetts, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Maine, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Illinois & Florida.
This info was documented by www.falmouthport.co.uk/commercial/html/history.php

Falmouth Harbour

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