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2014 Storms in Falmouth, Cornwall

February 18, 2014
We’ve had quite a few enquiries about how we have survived during the stormy weather and indeed if The Rathgowry Guesthouse in Falmouth Cornwall, withstood the elements.  So, I thought I would write a quick post to set peoples minds at rest!
It’s true to say that the Cornish coastline – north and south has taken quite a battering over the last few months with one storm following another.  
Quiet seaside villages have borne the brunt of huge waves and gales that have picked away at even the strongest resolve.
News around the country reports flooding, fallen trees, damaged buildings and road and rail networks that have simply been washed away.   
Prospective visitors to Cornwall may well be wondering if there is anything left to visit amidst all the doom and gloom news, but we assure you that Cornwall is still here and is as lovely as ever!
Falmouth has seen it’s fair share of action but nothing that would keep visitors away!  The popular Gyllyngvase beach sits in a naturally sheltered bay and the worst of the damage was a couple of sections of drainage pipes broken off and washed up the beach.  These pipes now seem to feature heavily as a play item for the kids who are having fun over the half term holidays.
A lot of sand was also washed all the way up to the path adjoining Queen Mary Gardens and the seaweed got redistributed further up as well.  
The Rathgowry Guesthouse which has lovely views over the Gyllyngvase beach and bay sustained a little damage  – with some sections of guttering going for flying lessons, but apart from that (touch wood) we have fared OK and consider ourselves lucky compared to some of the Cornish folk in the likes of Porthleven.  YouTube videos will give you more of an idea of what they encountered.  Here’s sending them lots of goodwill and hope they are all back on their feet very soon.
The Gylly Beach café is still open for business and always seems to be full of customers enjoying a glass of wine with their lunch or dinner.  I know a lot of our guests enjoy going there to take in the views and the excellent evening meals.
Even on days when it was stormy and you would think it suicidal to go into the sea, the hardy Cornish surfers were spotted in the bay in their little groups braving the elements and catching the waves.  Kite surfers seemed to achieve the impossible by (a)- getting the kite up and then (b) getting on the board and zipping across the waves.  Very impressive to see!
Further along the seafront, there is a small beach called Castle beach.  The café there was unfortunately a victim of the power of the waves, but will be repaired and reopened in plenty of time for summer we expect!  
During one windy afternoon, we drove up to Pendennis Point and watched the big rolling waves.  The whole car shook, but what was really amazing was the view of the harbor entrance as the brave Falmouth Pilot boats went out to guide the big tankers into their moorings.  The pilot boat pitched high up and then crashed down over wave after wave.  They must have strong stomachs on that boat!
The weather seems to be returning to the usual type for this time of year now, and as I write the sun is out and the beach is crowded with families here on half term holidays.  There are kayakers and paddle boarders in the bay, and someone is busy flying a kite for good measure!
The smell of chargrilled steak is wafting up from the Gylly’s café, and so I am off in search of food!  
So don’t worry folks, Falmouth is still beautiful and The Rathgowry Guesthouse is still in one piece!  Getting here will be OK – the airports are open, the roads are clear and the railway will be sorted in good time for summer!  
Do come and visit us – we are open from Easter – so check our availability & book your stay with us on our booking page.  Come and see us soon, we look forward to seeing you.  ☺

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